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"For Keeps Bags help you pack up food for life's daily adventures without the environmental impact of plastic bags or the bulk of tupperware"

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Is a Drawstring an Effective Closure?

The drawstring is the best part about the design of these bags!  Initially we tried zippers, velcro, and magnets.  We ruled them out one by one. Too hard to fill. Too hard to clean.  Won't last.  The drawstring allows the bag to open wide enough to easily fill and easily clean. And the drawstring handle is a game-changer! It makes the bag so useful.  You can take them anywhere and still be hands-free! The drawstring cinches tightly and keeps food, even bread and fresh vegetables, secure and fresh!  Your kids sandwiches will stay fresh all day long!  Bread from your local bakery will stay soft and delicious far longer than in any other bread bag out there.  Secure produce in your bags inside your fridge and For Keeps Bags will extend their life significantly!

Tell Me About the Material!

This fabric is amazing!  

Certified Food-Safe

Water Resistant

100% eco-friendly

BPA Free

Lead Free


Great Durability

Machine Washable 

Dishwasher Safe

Made in USA!

How Do I Wash For Keeps Bags?

For Keeps Bags are so durable and so simple to clean!  Simply turn inside out and wipe away mess with damp rag. Even the stickiest peanut butter and jelly will wipe right off.  Can also be washed in the dishwasher on top rack.  When they are extra messy, toss For Keeps Bags in the washing machine with 1/2 cup distilled vinegar.  Wash in hot water.   To air dry, turn bags upside down and open them up.  They will stand up on their own on your counter and dry very quickly.  Can also be dried in dryer! For Keeps Bags will wash up perfectly time and time again, 300+ washes!

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Snack size bags... the perfect pair 👯‍♀


I love food and I love our earth!  I needed a better way to pack up food for myself and for my kids while we're out living our lives!  Ziplock bags are too hard on our earth and tupperware is too bulky for my purse. So I ordered every type of reusable bag out there and they were hard to fill, hard to clean, and didn't last.  So I decided to create my own. For Keeps Bags were born and my problem was solved.   They are simple to fill. Simple to clean.  Simple to carry.  Quite simply they are the perfect solution!  For school and work lunch, hikes, bike rides, parks, pools, errands, airplanes, traveling, skiing, boating. All of life's adventures require food and For Keeps Bags allow you to take the food you love in a way that is loving to our Earth!

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